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Statistics and Forecasting&quot;, Teaching lessons, advise and direct student's research projects. <li> 1980-1982 Scientific-technical society &quot; Informational Technologies and systems&quot;, Chief of a department - elaboration computer programs for account of the cost price of production , managed 15-percon staff. <li> 1978-1980 Institute of Agriculture Research of Moldova, assistant in Production Analysis. </ul> <!- Bara violeta --> <TR><TD bgcolor=#dfbfff height=10px></i><b><font face=arial size=2 color=#000000>Educational training: <!- Lista --> <TR><TD></b><i><font face=arial size=2 color=#000000><ul><li> 1994 (three months) Training courses of TACIS project: Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Financial Management in Germany as a specialist for Economy of Transition <li> 1995 Organized and teaching lessons for unemployment. Supervised seminars for the Moldavian industrial enterprises in conditions of transition economy. <li> 1995 (July) Romania, Bucharest, Center for the Improvement of Management Performance. Have received preparation as the consultant &quot; expert of management. <li> 1997 (three months) Studied Statistics Analysis of Banks, Finance and Stoke exchange, Forecasting methods in the Georgia State University, U.S. </ul> <!- Bara violeta --> <TR><TD bgcolor=#dfbfff height=10px></i><b><font face=arial size=2 color=#000000>Education: <!- Lista --> <TR><TD></b><i><UL><font face=arial size=2 color=#000000> <LI> Institute of Economy of Moldova' s Academy . Postgraduate course, (PhD) Candidate in Economics - Business Administration (1974-1978) ; <LI> Polytechnic Institute of Moldova Diploma - Engineer-economist in food industrial enterprises (1973). </UL> <!- Sfarsit CV --> <TR><TD></i><font face=arial size=2 color=#ff0000><br>Inapoi la <a href="profesorii.html">Profesori</a>. </table> </font> </TABLE> </TABLE> <TD width=1px bgcolor=#aabbcc><td> </TABLE> </TABLE> <TR> <TD><TABLE bgcolor=#eae8d5 border=1 width=755px height=20px><TR><TD align=right><font size=1 face=arial> concept & design: Bologan Mihai 2005 </TABLE> </div> </div>